Advanced Skin Analysis

Advanced Skin Analysis| 100

Is a one-hour skin analysis and consultation with a senior skin diagnostic technician qualified in the Pashtich Methodology of skin analysis. The primary objective of this one-hour service is: TO IDENTIFY YOUR SKIN CONCERNS AND ESTABLISH THEIR CAUSE AND ITS EFFECT ON THE SKIN CELLS AND SYSTEMS.

During this hour your skin diagnostic technician will gather all data pertaining to your work/play lifestyle, nutritional, medical and cosmetic history that is relevant to determining the contributing factors to your skin conditions. When we establish cause we can than put together a personalized program that will make a real difference.

We will provide an accurate and detailed analysis of your skin using the Pastiche method supported by modern skin diagnostic equipment. By establishing cause(s) of your skin concern and related cause(s) to the cells and systems that have been affected will enable superior , more targeted treatment solutions to be prescribed.

We will establish your basic majority skin type and best home care protocols necessary to maintain it.

We will establish the Fritzpatrick skin tone of your skin. This will enable your skin diagnostic technician to understand your particular skin susceptibility to pigmentation and trauma and establish its burn time. We will then be able to advice appropriate protection protocols.

We will establish your first priority skin condition and prepare a 6 weeks treatment protocol.


The beauty of tomorrow… is visible today
Thanks to the professional skin diagnosis with the Observ!

Did you know that almost 80% of women don’t have good realistic knowledge of there skin type & condition?

Scientists discovered a long time ago, that our skin consists of multiple layers. The only layer we can see with human eye, is the outer layer (Epidermis). Very often the deeper layers contain the keys to healthy skincare and the prevention of sings of aging.

The Observ is a diagnostic imaging device which visualizes your total skin condition including the underlying “invisible” layers. Skin structures and patters. The patented technology behind the Observ is based on the illumination and florescence of different kind of lights on facial skin.